Tibetan Bridge

A course at height, in safety but with its own pinch of adrenaline

Tibetan Bridge
A trail for children and adults within walking distance of the hotel

Suspended between the majestic San Gervasio Gorge, the Tibetan Bridge in Cesana Claviere is one of the longest and most spectacular steel cable suspension bridges in the world. At 544 meters in length, it rises to a height of about 30 meters above the ground, offering visitors an exciting and unforgettable experience. The trail along the San Gervasio Gorge consists of three suspension bridges, which offer breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. It starts with the first bridge (70 m) that crosses the gorge perpendicular to the watercourse, and then continues on the main bridge that, from this point, follows the course of the San Gervasio Gorge longitudinally, at an elevation of 30 meters. At the end of the second bridge, visitors can follow a path that will lead them to the third and final bridge, 90 meters high from the ground and 90 meters long. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the San Gervasio Gorge and the spectacular views of the surrounding area.

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